Touch Bar on any Mac

Are you hoping to use the cool TouchBar without spending thousands of dollars to buy the latest MacBook Pro? Just launch TouchArch on both your Mac and iPhone then good to go.

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Features you love


Just put your iPhone nearby Mac with their Wi-Fi turned on and TouchArch running on both devices.


It brings all the dynamic controls and full experience of Touch Bar to any Mac


Comparing with Touch Bar fixed on the top of keyboard, you can put TouchArch any place near your Mac


Quick access to commands

Select a palette and tap to choose a colour for text or objects in Pages, Keynote and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to use TouchArch?

To use TouchArch, you'll need two things: 1) An iPhone running iOS 11.0 or later with Wi-Fi on 2) A Mac running macOS High Sierra with Wi-Fi on

Some apps do not show touch bar, why is that?

TouchArch will show touch bar only when apps launch after TouchArch. Try to relaunch the app to make it work. If still not work, that means the app dose not yet support touch bar.

TouchArch fails to connect to my iPhone, what to do?

First, check Wi-Fi status on both Mac and iPhone. Next, try restart TouchArch on Mac and iPhone.

How do I uninstall TouchArch?

You can uninstall by deleting from your Applications folder.


Available for macOS High Sierra and iOS 11.

*Works on iOS 11.0.0+, macOS High Sierra.